True To All - Community and Representation ... Thoughts and Opinions of Le Sheppard

"True To All" is what EVERY elected representation SHOULD strive for
but too many ignore their oath and our Constitution to instead bow to their
TEAM or pledge their allegiance to PARTY, power, and control.
Elections SHOULD choose the best to serve, represent, and work for ALL
and to uphold the ideals of our Constitution ... NOT party or TEAM loyalty.
On May 15th there is a Special Election for PA State Representative for the 178th District. All registered voters (
Republicans, Democrats and Independents in Solebury, Northampton, Upper Makefield, Wrightstown, and New Hope) can vote in this special election to fill the remainder of Scott Petri's term. YOUR VOTE COUNTS. Harrisburg, Washington, and all governing bodies NEED responsible representatives who GET stewardship of ALL "we the people" ... that IS Helen Tai.

Editorial to Bucks County Courier Times ...

MY WORDS (and others) ...

April 24 ...
Wendi Thomas sent out a sickening email today showing her true colors of being a "pure politician". This letter is filled with hypocrisy of facts and tries to sell an alt reality of past record and blames others for what she is guilty of. Sad that in the Wendi Thomas and her propaganda machine's world it is just FINE for Wendi to lie and slander her opponent and insult anyone that backs her, but it is NOT at all FINE for anyone to disagree with Wendi based on opinions and facts. From one who was in the room all those years, this hypocrisy and political will is sickening.
Wendi starts he cry for help saying "Stop the Lies. Spread the Truth".
Seriously Wendi? Best YOU check the mirror before casting such stones of judgment.
She then states "Well, it's started". YES it has Wendi and the FACT is that the the slinging mud, lies, insults, misquoting out of context to hatefully spin your campaign nonsense, and slander was started by YOU in your horrible print and TV ads.
How does she intend to "fight back" when it was she that first went into the muck and so many misrepresentations about herself and Helen Tai.
FACT is Wendi, Helen Tai is NOT the one "lying" here.
Wendi again sells a false report of her "record" as her pitch is NOT what we lived through being in the room all those years at Council Rock.
As for Wendi's taking a "stand on issues", that would be ONLY what the majority wanted as their mantra was NOT to listen and work their game for what they the few wanted ignoring the many.
As a School Board member Wendi Thomas followed the TEAM and followed whatever the unelected Superintendent Mark Klein wanted. She helped push through a fixed agenda refusing to work with or LISTEN to those her team opposed.
Fiscal Conservative ... NOT Thomas.
She and her TEAM raised taxes almost every year while wastefully spending money relying on the ability to tax more next year.
A TRUE representative of oath and ALL people ... NOT Thomas.
She ignored the process of stewardship and oath as seen in the recent Rolling Hills public hearings when she stated how she was going to vote when she was SUPPOSE to be listening to those sworn to serve.
Protect the people and the truth ... NOT Thomas.
As for her claims about GUNS, they make me sick.
I challenge that lame claim about GUN safety and ask Wendi where was all of that when she and Superintendent Klein and the TEAM tried to hide the gun in the room (when members of the public were speaking their First Amendent rights) and the gun in a school ... all to protect a fellow board member? Silence and weak resolve. Wendi Thomas and those in the majority at that time and the CRSD machine are the LAST people who should brag about GUN safety. NOTE" When the board member showed his gun to another stating "I got your back" I was one of the public speakers at the time - so Wendi should STOP her liying about here "record" on GUNS.
Protect the bullied and not just the bullier... NOT Thomas.
Wendi ignores her and her teammates weak and failed dealings with bullying with only lame excuses and a do nothing plan except to have an assembly which was a joke for all.
Facts about here record ... NOT from Thomas.
Wendi Thomas' record shows that her "I stood strong for taxpayers" is complete nonsense and is NOT the facts nor truth. Wendi's time on the Council Rock School Board gets an A+ in wasting the ever increasing taxes pushed through most every year with a process fixed with so much closed off back room dealings and political gamesmanship constantly ignoring the voices of those they all took an oath to serve.
Who is lying NOW Wendi Thomas?
Wendi's machine started this negative lie based campaign and we the people should NOT let you get away with the blame game. Wendi needs to stop blaming others for what YOU are guilty of. Wendi ends with "all campaigns are tough" and her performance has shown how low they can go. Helen on the other hand has gone high to rise above it all. I am so disgusted and disappointed how much Wendi and her machine have lied, slandered, and pushed falsehoods.
To spread the truth Wendi, you have to first TELL the truth.
BUT ... what is equally pathetic ...
Seeing local politicians in governing turn their backs on their own words and past actions and for their sick pledge of allegiance to party they ignore all they said and instead back a candidate who refused to "LISTEN" (read the link written about her and her team and read in public by those now backing her), worked the inside game, and now is running a campaign of slander and misrepresentations of the facts … all in the name of PARTY.
We ALL need to do better then this sick PARTY divide
as we have all seen where that flawed process can lead us. PARTY is what the Wendi Thomas campaign is depending on and I hope people see past the propaganda and get into the FACTS - ALL the facts and truth.
Sad letter Wendi. Sad campaign of hypocrisy and political will.
Again, check the mirror before judging others.

Wendi can not call me a liar for my memories and opinions from me being in the room ALL those years and so many editorials I wrote about she and hers not LISTENING and even a song written about their TEAM warfare (Power_Cord.html) and all the records I kept while yearly protesting their tax loving, waste spending, game loving team work ignoring their oath and the process of governing to push through their fixed closed door agenda. Yes, Wendi and Kyle and Jer and Marilyn and Jane and others bowing to PARTY and TEAM will call me a liar as they have before along with their threats and slandering insults ... as in their small world "you and your opinions are WRONG if you dare to question or oppose the FIXED agenda we are pushing" - that is and has been the CRSD machine political way to win. SO disappointed in the complete hypocrisy here from many hypocrites.
Your friend, Le Sheppard

Wendi's sad plea ...

Hi Friends,
Stop the Lies.
Spread the Truth.
Well, it's started. My opponent, Helen Tai, is lying about me, my record and where I stand on the issues.
I need you to help me fight back. Please forward this email to everyone you know and let them know that you know me and these attacks aren't true.
Here are some facts to help you:
FACT: As a School Board member, I helped improve the quality and safety of our local schools:
> ThePatch com reports that Council Rock's schools are among the Top 5% Safest Schools in PA — out of more than 500 school districts!
> Niche com calls Council Rock one of Pennsylvania's best school districts in 2018, and gave the district an A+
FACT: As a School Board member, I stood strong for taxpayers. In fact, we delivered quality, safe schools while holding property tax rates the third lowest in all of Bucks County!
> You can visit www BucksCounty org and look at the millage rates to see for yourself.
FACT: I have released a comprehensive plan to address gun violence (and a lot of other important issues). It's been on my website for over a month. It was in the newspapers. But still my opponent lies. Visit VoteWendi com to see my plan for yourself
I knew this campaign would be tough. I never thought the other side would simply lie though! Unfortunately, they are, and I need you to help me spread the truth. THANKS! Thank you for your help, Wendi

Sickening politician working pure politcal games ...
but as the CRSD mantra goes, you do whatever you have
to WIN at any cost — anything for the win. ANYTHING.

April 24 ...
Helen Tais says ...
"if politicians don't pass a balanced budget, they shouldn't get paid"

April 23 ...
LOOKING FOR A PURE POLITICIAN ... that would be Wendi Thomas
Want to be IGNORED unless you buy into the fixed agenda ... that IS Wendi Thomas
FACT: THE BETTER candidate is NOT Wendi Thomas. Not even close.
I was IN THE ROOM and know ...

April 23 ...
BINGO. This is NOT slander or fake facts but is TRUTH. Do the research.
The Wendi Thomas pure political propaganda campaign is not trustworthy
nor is it representing what was and what is.
A Fiscal Conservative of smart taxation and spending ... NOT Wendi Thomas

April 23 ...
Well said ... LEARN and VOTE

‎Beth Schumann Boggs‎, April 21, 2018 ...
HELEN TAI & Wendi Thomas are running for State Representative to replace Scott Petri. Although Wendi is a nice person, her handling of the Rolling Hills Elementary School potential closing, demonstrated a lack of reasonable analysis of the pertinent information, however, it was the lack of empathy regarding the Rolling Hills community which is the most concerning, particularly since Churchville Elementary had been renovated & paid for by everyone in the district, including Rolling Hills residents, yet the decision to close Rolling Hills was spoken of in such a dismissive way. Difficult decisions need to be made in Harrisburg, & even though a Representative has their own constituents as their main priority, it is essential that they are also cognizant of the impact on others. Do unto others as we would want done to us, really does provide the best standard for all decisions. Not only did the Rolling Hills community almost lose their elementary school, but it would have cost the township additional money. HELEN TAI "has collaborated with area residents and employed tried and true business approaches to address local issues, such as keeping water clean and safe and eliminating government waste. 10 years ago she started Enabling Innovation, LLC, a consulting firm that uses proven business improvement methodologies to drive transformational innovation". Give 'em Helen

April 20 ...
Class ... VOTE for

My opponent has resorted to direct personal attacks, intentionally twisting my words. She and her allies know that Pennsylvanians are ready for new leadership in Harrisburg, and they'll do whatever they can to keep new leaders like me from getting elected -- including spreading vicious personal attacks. Please watch my response.

April 20 ...
10 signs stolen in 2 days in Wrightstown. The HATE is rampant. Heads up gamers, the police and media have been alerted that the Helen Tai campaign has lost in the last 2 days - 10 signs in Wrightstown. Someone in the Thomas Political Machine should TEACH the local Wrightstown clueless gamers about the First Amendment rights and TELL those in Wrightstown supporting Wendi by stealing signs that political signs for opponents are NOT to be taken down (after years I KNOW where signs go - so save the slandering emails). I GET the local bad governess of favoritism is the "norm" in this sick childish hateful game - bu this sign stealing is crap and is just stupid. Stealing signs shows an ignorance of process, low class, a lack of Americanism, and NO IDEA about stewardship. FACT ... If I catch someone (we are watching) we will expose the hate crimes against our First Amendment rights.
OPINION ... I am SO NOT impressed with the same old dirty politics and tactics seen before with the creed being "win at ANY cost" (so often these lies and slander win - now don't they). No surprise, except the hypocrisy of those for years using "high school taxes" as a political punchline in our townships yet NOW siding with the same CRSD TEAM that voted 99% of the time for those "high taxes" along with wasteful spending. And it's sickening to see the hypocrisy of those like me wanting the closed agenda CRSD TEAM School Board to actually "LISTEN" and serve the actual community and represent their oath yet now join those same flawed CR machine gamers to serve a divisive pledge of allegiance to party, divide, and power to control.
So please, tell the children stealing signs we are watching and ask them to grow up and STOP taking down political signs. 
Yes sadly the "true colors come shining through" ... but it is stewardship where my vote goes - not where the team or PARTY tells me to vote and follow ... I do not play these CR "Power Cord" games ... le sheppard

April 19 ...
Well stated post from Laura Brenner-Scotti.

April 17 ... Laura Brenner-Scotti is with Helen Tai

On May 15th, my family and I will be voting in the Special Election for Helen Tai for PA State Representative for the 178th District ... and I hope you will give thoughtful consideration in doing so, too!
As a public servant, business owner and community volunteer, Helen is committed to partnering with people and organizations to find common sense solutions.
Helen is serving in her 5th year as Solebury Township Supervisor and is currently the elected Chair. For eighteen years, Helen has lived in our district which is comprised of New Hope, Northampton, Solebury, Upper Makefield and Wrightstown.
Helen has collaborated with area residents and employed tried and true business approaches to address local issues, such as keeping water clean and safe and eliminating government waste.
These are Helen's Key Issues:
• Government Reform -
• Environment -
• Education -
• Health Care -
• Fair Pay -
• Budget -
• Gun Safety -
• Opioid Epidemic -
• Sustainable Development and Traffic -
I hope you will read about Helen Tai, and I think that once you do, you will understand why I and so many others believe that Helen is precisely who we need to represent us as our State Representative for the 178th District.

Please show your support for Helen Tai and join me on Tuesday, May 15th, in making an informed decision to cast your most-valuable vote for Helen!

ALL VOTERS (Democrats, Republicans, and Independents) in New Hope, Northampton Township, Solebury Township, Upper Makefield Township, and Wrightstown Township in this Special Election on May 15th can VOTE. I STRONGLY support Helen Tai for State Representative ...

April 19 ...
FAKE and the truth ... The Wendi Thomas sick campaign should answer the lies about "taxes" when it was Wendi voting to raise taxes 98% of the time (except when a team member needed to win an election). Wendi works for the TEAM - not the truth, people, and oath ... period.

I find it ironic that my Republican opponent, whose campaign slogan is "focused on results, not politics," would stoop to personal attacks and blatant misrepresentation, trying to divide us and distract us from the real issues.
Like many people who were disheartened the day after the 2016 general election, I realized that we all need to do more to try to understand the people with whom we disagree and to work together to solve our problems.
As a Solebury supervisor, I have worked with fellow supervisors, residents and community partners to forge new alliances to address critical community issues, some of which had been unresolved for years. I will take the same approach to Harrisburg and build bridges, eliminating government waste, working for gun safety, ensuring clean and safe air and water, and investing in public education.
Please help me gather the resources I need to fight back - chip into our rapid response fund now.
My opponent and her allies know that Pennsylvanians are ready for new leadership in Harrisburg. That's a terrifying prospect for those who want more of the same, where politicians favor billionaires, corporations, and lobbyists instead of everyday Pennsylvanians. They'll do whatever they can to keep new leaders like me from getting elected -- including spreading vicious personal attacks.
We can change the way things work in Harrisburg, but we all need to work together. Pitch in $5 or whatever you can to help build our rapid response fund right now.
Thank you, everyone!!
With your help, we will Win this Seat!
HelenGive 'em Helen

April 17 ...
Saw Wendi Thomas TV ad which like the mailers is HATE for HATE sake.
Pure dirt politics.
Wendi Thomas and her CRSD machine should be ashamed.
Hope paper prints this ...

VOTE for substance, not hateful propaganda

How sad to see the Wendi Thomas campaign dive into the divisive muck of pure politically driven propaganda of the absurd. Pathetic to read the latest noise from her political machine in our mailboxes full of trash talking, slander, and mistruths (lies) while all sold with a smile.

This propaganda mailer is filled with disgraceful misquotes and misleading falsehoods about ANYONE not on the Thomas "team" and many misrepresentations of ANY reality of her opponent and those supporting her opponent. This "divide and conquer" tactic is a CRSD machine "norm".

Wendi Thomas and company should check the mirror before casting such stones of judgment. The reflection in that mirror shows a record of NOT caring to listen to all voices in the community, NOT caring to serve nor represent the process, and not caring about the truth.

For the record, let's check that mirror for them. Wendi Thomas' past record is clear that any so called "common ground" was only if people agreed and fell in line with fixed team agenda of Wendi Thomas' and her teammates. This type of political gamesmanship takes orders from a few, protects the team, ignores those opposed completely, disregards taxpayers repeatedly, and shows an ignorance of the process (as seen in the Rolling Hills hearings).

Many are tired of such spin, political machines, propaganda, and gamers. Such games do not deserve our votes nor can they be trusted with representation. Many are sick of this type of disgraceful, disrespectful, and divisive politics in our government at Council Rock, Harrisburg, and in DC. These ads show this campaign's true colors of being a pure politician.

ENOUGH. We need to get out of our party boxes, get away from any political machines, stop the blind loyalty, and do the research to think for ourselves. I know Wendi Thomas and Helen Tai. Helen is by far the better qualified candidate for ALL the community no matter what team, political party, or machine membership.

Let's all get past the noise of divisive rhetoric and take time to LEARN the truth of who Helen Tai is, what she actually says in truth, and what those around her say and think. Reach out and see what Helen Tai feels about smart, representing, serving, and respectful government of and for ALL "we the people".

Let's end this charade of the divisive absurdity and hateful political gamesmanship and get on board to support and VOTE (as we all can) in the May 15th Special Election for Helen Tai for State Representative.

Le Sheppard Wrightstown PA

April 16 ...
NOT bought and NOT for sale. Helen Tai listens, serves, and represents. Those qualities are needed in ALL elected - many do not and have a proven track record of failing all of that (like Helen's opponent). VOTE ...

I'm tired of Harrisburg politicians being bought by corporations! That's why I refuse to take money from corporate special interests & instead focus my priorities on our community.

April 15 ...
Had the honor of having our next State Representative (positive thinking) Helen Tai at our front door this morning dropping off signs going up around the area today.
THE BEST for State Representative. SHE actually "represents". All can vote for Helen Tai on May 15th in New Hope, Northampton, Solebury, Upper Makefield, and Wrightstown.


April 14 ...
More sickening Wendi Thomas propaganda claiming she IS what she is NOT (and has not been for years while a member of the Council Rock School Board "TEAM"). The latest spin is "LISTEN".
Read my editorial from July 18th, 2017 about Wendi and her majority refusing to LISTEN or work with anyone but those that agreed with them ( Listen.pdf). Fact is Wendi Thomas does NOT "LISTEN" to all voices - she IS a pure politician like too many who pledge their allegiance to self, power, team, and PARTY — NOT serving the oath nor the Constitution and especially not LISTENING
DO NOT believe the hype. On May 15th ALL OF US (Rs Ds and Is) can end this charade of noise and nonsense from the Thomas CRSD Camp — ELECT someone who GETS IT. VOTE for Helen Tai for State Representative as she WILL serve, represent, and LISTEN to ALL voices (not just those on her team)

True Colors ... A PURE politician

April 12 ...
The difference is night and day reading Helen's campaign materials compared to the Council Rock propaganda about her opponent. Helen GETS listening, serving, representation, and community ... her opponent - not so much. VOTERS in the PA District 178 being New Hope, Northampton Township, Solebury Township, Upper Makefield Township, and Wrightstown Township need to do the research and check out ALL the FACTS beyond the CRSD machine fluff. This is NOT about party. It's about upholding the oath of office and Constitutions. Helen Tai gets ALL of that and more ... Wendi Thomas - not so much. We all can vote no matter what party in this Special Election on May 15th. From one in the room for all those years, we need to VOTE for for Helen Tai for State Representative.

Give 'em Helen ... I'm not afraid to take on the corporate special interests in Harrisburg. That's why I refuse to take their contributions.

April 9 ...
Special Election on May 15. Received more Council Rock propaganda mail claiming Wendi Thomas is "proven to get results" and that she is all about quality, safe schools, and working for taxpayers. Absolutely untrue. It makes those of us "in the room" sick. Wendi Thomas and her team mates cared more about the majority rule then the process of governing - cared more about demanding than listening / serving the public or her oath - cared more about protecting fellow board members "carrying" then public safety - and cared more about the bullier than the bullied - cared more about over-taxation and then wasting tax dollars then being anything close to a fiscal conservative. A politician does whatever is needed to to get elected. A FAR BETTER IDEA: Let's get back to reality and elect someone who GETS governing for all - GETS smart governing - and GETS stewardship, representation, and governing for ALL while listening to all with respect. Helen Tai is the most qualified and straight forward candidate. Check her out at and VOTE on May 15th. We need to elect Helen Tai in the Special Election that ALL can vote in. Give 'em Helen ...

April 8 ...
VOTE. Democrats, Republicans, Independents can ALL vote in this Special Election on May 15th for State Representative. We need to elect Helen Tai and NOT believe the hype coming from the Council Rock propaganda machine's mailers selling a pure politician and failed representative of her oath, Wendi Thomas. These mailers are filled with misrepresentations of facts and people while promoting a weak team gamer who only served the majority while constantly ignoring all other voices. Harrisburg doesn't need another gamer bowing to team, power, spin, and game like Wendi has shown she is (believe me as I was in the room). While on the CRSD School Board, she constantly ignored public safety while working the backroom to protect another board member — constantly said one thing while doing another which IS dirty politics — ignored the process of law during the Rolling Hills hearings stating how she would vote only proving her ignorance, gamesmanship, and failures to get reality — voted constantly to raise our taxes while selling herself as a fiscal conservative (NOT) — constantly voted for fiscal wastefulness of our tax dollars — and Wendi showed her true weakness of character, oath, and representation by following unelected "leaders" for YEARS while ignoring the public voice and fellow board members making good sense. Wendi Thomas is not a better choice, far from it. Her opponent Helen Tai is the BEST choice being not only trustworthy but getting representation, stewardship, and standing for the process and voice of ALL people. We need her elected in this Special Election that all can vote in. Give 'em Helen ...

April 8 ...
Le Sheppard. Wrightstown resident for 20 years.
I have been a local governing junkie attending meetings at Wrightstown, Newtown, Upper Makefield, Northampton, and the Council Rock School Board. I ran for Township Supervisor for School Director and lost both times mostly due to NOT playing the local game. I wanted to put the ideals of ONE PEOPLE and the stewardship to all people above any party games. FACT is that I wish more elected were like David Kulig, Tom Cino, Denise Brooks, Patty Sexton, Bill Foster, and few others who serve their oath and ALL "we the people"
Being at SO many meetings and committee meetings over the years and getting close to all elected reps and their associates from all sides (best way to get to the truth and facts), I have "broken bread" and had deep conversations with many over the years and have seen the good, the bad, and the very ugly. That said ... any gamer wants to call me a liar - prove I am not. I stand MY word ... do you?
To our sick NOW and this campaign ... Mail today ... SICKENING. The Wendi Thomas ad I got today in the mail is SO wrong on so many levels - this coming from one who was IN the room and fought for everything this ad claims and saw NONE of the claims in fact over the years as pertaining to Wendi Thomas and her stewardship on this CRSD Board. the CRSD process was not the elected serving ALL the people but a majority rule forcing their fixed agenda through and working WAY too close with the WAY too powerful "leader" Superintendent Mark Klein, The process and those abusing it was FAR too political and their game ignored their oath of office. BEING a State Representative is about a lot of things and not just following some leader 0 IT IS all about them serving, representing, and working for ALL Pennsylvanians- not just those the majority needs to get reelected. CRSD failed "safety" on so many levels from lame bully actions often supporting the bullier and not the victims. FACT is that Wendi is a pure politician known for saying one thing and voting another way, constantly working with the majority against people and others on the board, did not work well with ALL members of the board especially not those opposed to her. In the Rolling Hills episode her comments and votes were not just showing little concern for those she represents, but her rants were heartless, disrespectful, and full of majority spin and propaganda she claims to not be a part of. She publicly stated she didn't care what the law was and she was voting to close the school clearly speaking out of turn and place when that was NOT the purpose of the state mandated hearing on Rolling Hills Elementary where she and all others were suppose to be LISTENING to the public they are sworn to serve. Let there be NO DOUBT, Wendi Thomas is a true politician. The Thomas machine's TAX spin is just wrong in fact as our taxes have increased yearly except for one year when the school board majority needed election support\ for a "team mate". And for being a fiscal conservative, Wendi Thomas' record of spending unaccountability has been the norm at CRSD for years building palaces and wasting much not being smart governing nor fiscally responsible. She voted to demolish the Newtown Middle School when It could've been renovated for far less and gamed the facts to support the team propaganda. Protect? Safety?FACT is that Wendi and her majority worked to protect and hide the issues and downplay the issue behind the scenes a fellow school board member when he carried a gun into a school. And she worked with the Superintendent to protect the same board member from public outcry when it became public that he while being abusive and disrespectful and childishly spiteful to the public - had been carrying at meeting for years and proudly told a fellow board member "I got your back" displaying the gun while preparing for a meeting on first amendment rights. Who was she protecting - the public safety or politically protecting another politicians who was in her majority. TRUST? That is NOT in the factual Wendi Thomas resume after her years of following a leader, playing majority rule politics, and working against others more often then working in compromise. Ask those on the board over the years who did not sign on with the Klein led majority rule and their fixed agenda ... Democrats and Republicans Wendi Thomas refused to LISTEN to nor work with … FACT this ad and this spin from The Thomas campaign and team is wrong on SO many levels. Years back I wrote a song called "Power Cord" about the Council Rock School Board team games and power plays and I made sure that Wendi's cocktail laughter before an important school board meeting started the song … Power_Cord.html

"Everything on the table and everyone at the table for a conversation of ONE people"
Wendi never got that.
Helen Tai does.


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